Capacity & Infrastructure

Capacity and Infrastructure Development describe the basic components of an agency including its leadership, legal documentation, staff policies, and procedures, financial accounts and procedures, etc. It includes building capacity in those areas that are needed to keep an organization functioning legally and practically on a day-to-day basis.

The Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities offer technical, consultative, and referral services in the areas listed. Training manuals are available online and can be located in the publications section of this site.

  • 501 (c )(3) Assistance
    • Starting a Nonprofit
    • IRS Publication 557 - Tax-Exempt Status for Your Organization
    • Legal Needs Relative to Nonprofit and/or Tax-Exempt Status of New Organizations
  • Board Development
    • Board Development
    • Overview of Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Fiscal Management
    • Fiscal Management
    • Surviving an Audit
  • Human Resource Development
    • HRM Rapid Assessment Tool for HIV/AIDS Environments
    • Human Resources
  • Leadership Assistance
    • Collaborative Leadership and Health
    • Leadership Development
  • Needs Assessment Activities
    • Needs Assessment Activities
  • Resource Development - Fundraising & Grant Writing
    • Grant Writing
    • Nonprofit Fundraising and Grant Writing
  • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Planning (in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)
    • Public Health Information Systems Catalog
  • Volunteer Services Development
    • Volunteer Development

If you are in need of technical or consultative services for any of the above of these subject areas, please call 919.707.5040 or email.

Last Modified: April 12, 2022